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Instructions For Contributed Code


Creating a page

You can create a page for your code by editing the Contributed Code page, and adding a name for your page, e.g. /SomeNewCode: the wiki recognises a new page when it had capitalised words run together. Note the slash before the name: this tells the wiki that the page is a sub-page of the Contributed Code page: you will notice that the other pages have this too (um, except the Rats example).

When you create the page, chose the ContributedCodeTemplate (in the left-hand column, the page templates). This gives you a template to follow.

Writing a page

The page you have created can then be edited. The left-hand sidebar has links to help pages. Some specific suggestions:

* Put the data and inits in sub-pages (create them with a slash, and capitalised words). In particular, do this if there is a lot of data.

* Explain the problem concisely and clearly.

* Try to simplify the code so that you show contribution, without excess detail. Feel free to use a sub-set of any data you used in a real analysis, or simplify the model (you might add a sentence explaining that you have simplified the code/data).

* Explain any tricks that look opaque in the code.

* If you want to add attachments (e.g. figures), there is a link in the left-hand sidebar when you are viewing the page (but not editing!) that you can use to upload them to the wiki.

* Make sure the code you upload runs. If any tweaks are needed (e.g. to disable updaters), mention this (as well as the BUGS version you used: the tweak may be to get round a bug, which is subsequently fixed).

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