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package OpenBUGS for distribution (also generates html files)

  • note: Although not required, it is a good idea to create the linux distribution first. If you have created any Linux-related binary files, chances are good that some Windows .ocf files were overwritten by some Linux .ocf files. Therefore, before packaging OpenBUGS for windows distribution, it is a good idea to delete all compiled objects and recompile. for example:

    • find -iname '*.osf' -o -iname '*.ocf' -exec rm -f {} \;
  • Before compiling, also check that HostFiles.odc and Kernel.odc in directory lin have been renamed LinHostFiles.odc and LinKernel.odc

  • Developer->Make.odc->DevCompiler.CompileThis

  • Developer->Linking.odc->DevLinker.Link

  • Developer->Linking.odc-> DevPacker.PackThis OpenBUGS.exe

  • Developer->Linking.odc-> DevLinker.LinkDll

  • increment version number in the following files
    • Rsrc/Strings.odc
    • Manual/Manual.odc
    • Developer/Manual.odc
    • GeoBUGS/Manuals/Manual.odc
    • Bugs/CLI.odc (see linking ELF shared object)

    • close BlackBox entirely and reopen. Make sure no files are open in BlackBox before proceeding to the next step.

    • Dev -> Copy OpenBUGS

    • FIX NEEDED: libOpenBUGS.so is still part of the windows distribution.

    • For a full release: use ftp -i openbugs.info to upload Manuals/*.html from the local c:/OpenBUGS directory. Also upload Developer/*.html to the subdirectory Developer and GeoBUGS/Manuals/*.html to the GeoBUGS subdirectory. A username and password must be obtained from the wiki maintainer to use ftp. Also remember to check Manuals/contents.html before the Copy OpenBUGS step to make sure all section headings are collapsed. Otherwise, some will be 'open' in the distributed .odc and .html versions, which is confusing and ugly.

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