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Februrary 2008

OpengBUGS Meeting, 2008-02-15

September 2007

OpenBUGS 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 are released. This are mainly bug fixes, and a new, updated manual. The website is also updated, at last.

June 2007

OpenBUGS 3.0.1 is released. This is mainly bug fixes, plus a nice new LaTeX toy. Don't ask about versions 2.2 and 3.0. Please

November 2005

OpenBUGS 2.1.1 is released. This has some new toy for 'advanced' users, amongst other things.

October 2005

Announcement of IceBUGS meeting, February 2006.

April 2005

OpenBUGS 2.1.0 appears! This has some new proposal distributions included, for 'advanced' users.

December 2004

OpenBUGS 2.0.1 is rolled out (or dragged, leaving large gouges in the server). This is mainly a bug fix, but there is a new section in the developer manual on writing BUGS extensions.

September 2004

OpenBUGS 2.0 is released, along with a new website. Could you really handle any more excitement in your life?

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