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Installation (formerly: Binaries and Installation)

OpenBUGS for both Windows and Linux can be downloaded as a .zip file from here. The source code comes with the installation: check the readme notes to see how to compile the code. you will need to install Black Box as well.

Old Installation Instructions for LinBUGS (which may or may not still work):

  1. Un-zip the .zip file into the folder of your choice.
  2. Change the permissions for the LINBUGS and CBugs files (e.g. with chmod 755 LinBUGS CBugs)
  3. Change the temp directory in LINBUGS to the current directory (at the moment it is "/home/ant/temp"). Use the full path name (can anyone suggest a less ugly way of doing this? We don't want to put the temp directory in OpenBUGS/).
  4. Start LinBUGS with the command LINBUGS.

Installation Instructions for Windows:

  1. Unzip into a directory (e.g. C:\Program Files), you will find everything in the OpenBUGS subdirectory.
  2. You can start WinBUGS by double-clicking on winbugs.exe. It is worth creating a shortcut to this from your desktop.
  3. There is an equivalent of LinBUGS for Windows called ClassicBUGS. This can be run by clicking on the ClassicBUGS icon. This version requires the Cygwin1.dll to work.

Installation Instructions for BRugs:

Note that at the moment, BRugs does not seem to work on Linux. This problem will (may?) be solved in the near future. If you can get it to work, or you have an idea what the problem is, then please drop us a line.

Instructions: Install the BRugs package from R, as you would any other package!

If you have problems, subscribe to the mailing list to see if your problems have been discussed (and solved). If that fails, try emailing us at emailing us!

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