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    Place:: Tvärminne Zoological Station, Hanko, Finland     Place:: [[<http://luoto.tvarminne.helsinki.fi/english/index.htm|Tvärminne
Zoological Station]], Hanko, Finland
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IceBUGS 2006

A Workshop about the development and use of the BUGS programme

The aim of this workshop is to bring together people working with and on BUGS, providing a platform for BUGS users and developers to discuss and exchange ideas about using BUGS in data analysis. The workshop will consist of both oral and poster session, as well as discussion session where BUGS experts can discuss your problems, and suggest solutions. We are planning for about 30 particiants, so the meeting will be fairly small and informal.


[[<http://luoto.tvarminne.helsinki.fi/english/index.htm|Tvärminne Zoological Station]], Hanko, Finland

Friday 10th - Monday 13th February 2006
Invited Speakers
  • David Spiegelhalter (UK)
  • Nicky Best (UK)
  • Martyn Plummer (France)
  • Brad Carlin (USA)
  • Andrew Thomas (Finland)

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