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OpenBUGS performs what kind of inference (answer is all lower case)?

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A list of non-existing pages including a list of the pages where they are referred to:

  1. AppId: InnoSetupOpenBugs
  2. AppVerName: InnoSetupOpenBugs
  3. AthenaSheppard: Feedback
  4. BlackBox: Advanced, CategoryBugComputational/VectorArgumentsOfCustomFunctions, LinBUGS, PackageOpenBugs
  5. BugTracker: Feedback
  6. BugsCmds: CategoryBugGuiInterface/RandomSeedErrorMessage
  7. BugsExternal: CategoryBugComputational/VectorArgumentsOfCustomFunctions
  8. CompileThis: PackageOpenBugs
  9. DefaultDirName: InnoSetupOpenBugs
  10. DevCompiler: PackageOpenBugs
  11. DevElfLinker: LinkOpenBugsElf
  12. DevLinker: PackageOpenBugs
  13. DevPacker: PackageOpenBugs
  14. GraphCompile: Advanced
  15. GraphStack: Advanced
  16. GraphVectortemp1: CategoryBugComputational/GraphVectorTError, CategoryBugComputational/VectorArgumentsOfCustomFunctions
  17. GuohuaYan: Feedback
  18. HelpMiscellaneous/FrequentlyAskedQuestions: WikiHowTo
  19. HostFiles: LinkOpenBugsElf, PackageOpenBugs
  20. JaradNiemi: Feedback
  21. KevinVanHorn: Feedback
  22. LinHostFiles: LinkOpenBugsElf, PackageOpenBugs
  23. LinKernel: LinkOpenBugsElf, PackageOpenBugs
  24. LinkDll: LinkOpenBugsElf, PackageOpenBugs
  25. Old News: BugsComm
  26. OpenBugs: CategoryBugComputational/InprodFunction, CategoryBugComputational/mvcarMissingInGeoBugs, CategoryBugGuiInterface/PrintExamples, CategoryBugGuiInterface/RandomSeedErrorMessage, CategoryBugLinux/CodaMultipleChains, CategoryBugLinux/GeoBugsExamplesDiffer, CategoryBugLinux/HangsOnComments, CategoryBugLinux/SaveLogError, CategoryComputational/mvcarMissingInGeoBugs
  27. OutputBaseFilename: InnoSetupOpenBugs
  28. PackThis: PackageOpenBugs
  29. Past Events: BugsComm
  30. RobRobinson: Feedback
  31. Sas: Usage
  32. SetFactory: CategoryOther/modelDisable
  33. SilviadeHaan: Feedback
  34. UpdaterSlice: CategoryBugLinux/UpdaterControls
  35. UserPreferences: WikiHowTo
  36. WinBugs: CategoryBugGuiInterface/RandomSeedErrorMessage