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If you are logged in, you should be able to edit this page with any requests/feedback. Alternatively, email us <SOMEBODY HAS openbugs LOST AT openbugs A DOT GOOD net HAT>

I'd like permission to create a bug report, about a build failure on Ubuntu. KevinVanHorn

I'd like permission to create a BUG report, about a computational error in the ilogit function. SilviadeHaan

I'd like to be able to report a discrepancy in computation between Open/WinBUGS can I have permission to create a page in the BugTracker please. RobRobinson

I have some problems in updaters controls to report for batch version of Bugs. Could I have a premission to do that? Thank you, my username is AW.

Hello - I have found that the gammap function does not seem to work in release 3.2.1 rev 781. Could you please give permission or create a bug report ? thanks, Phil

I would like to contribute to the OpenBUGS project starting with the ability to edit this wiki. In particular, I noticed the Examples are pointing to openbugs2.info rather than openbugs.info. thanks, JaradNiemi

Hello, I've found that the Student's t distribution works well for any degrees of freedom k>0, the same as in R, although the manual says k>=2. Thanks, GuohuaYan

Hi there... I am Matt... sounds like I need to write here to get access to the OpenBUGS project to create bug reports. Thank you.

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